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Make Mom feel special on your wedding day!

I see so many mother of the brides come for the first tour at The Cornerstone at Cedar, We want mom to feel special too! We have a separate room for the bride and mother of the bride. This room is adjacent to the beautiful bridal suite. So mom or even grandma or that special mom figure can help you get into your wedding dress. This room is also perfect for a first reveal. On your wedding day it is all about the bride, but not really as you will be thinking about so many other things. You will be picking out your bridesmaids dresses, what food you will be serving your guests, your soon to be husband and the groomsmen. So many other things will pass through your mind but you will want to think of your mom. She has been there to help support and guide you and helped you to get where you are today.

Although it is your day, you want to share this special moment with her. Ask mom her opinion on things from bridal shower games, food and invitations. This will make her feel special that you are including her. Also you will soon be accepting another motherly figure in your grooms mom, Maybe try to include her along with your mom for lunch to talk about your wedding plans. If you want to make your mom feel extra special , who says you can only have a daddy-daughter dance, Have a mother-daughter dance too! Moms deserve to feel special as well. You can even include her in walking you down the aisle. If you believe your mom has inspired you to be the woman you have become, you can even ask mom to share some of her wisdom during the reception with a speech. What an honor this would be, or your yourself share a poem or speech with your guests to make mom feel appreciated as well. Mom should shine as well as dad so make sure you include her in the fun in the beautiful bridal suite at The Cornerstone at Cedar as you and the bridesmaids have your hair and makeup done. Mom will love being included and she will feel extra special and loved while spending the day with her daughter on the happiest day of her daughters life, I know I did.

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