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Meet the owners Part 1

A question that Jim and I frequently get asked,

What made us want to have a wedding venue?

Our daughter Maci was engaged and we were visiting and shopping venues in our area looking for specific things in those venues. She had her idea of what she wanted and we had our ideas of what they should offer to make her day perfect. We were shocked at the prices of some of the venues yet we could still not find the venue that met our needs completely. Some venues lacked a place for the groom to get ready, some lacked heat or AC or both, some didn't have indoor plumbing, some you had to rent the tables and chairs and so on and so forth. So Jim and I began the daily discussion over coffee to open a wedding venue at our home. I was very hesitant to do this because I did not feel like that was the best decision for our family. So we kept that thought in the back of our minds and would re-visit the idea daily.

Not so long after these discussion started to occur, Maci and Vincent had settled on a wedding venue, so we booked it as it was the best option for them but it still did not have 100% of what they wanted. 6 months later..............Maci saw on social media that the wedding venue they chose was closing and so the process started over to find a wedding venue that didn't cost and arm and a leg. If you have ever booked a wedding venue then you know time is of the essence. Maci was calling and emailing to find a wedding venue that was available on her date but we were not having any luck UNTIL, she made a call to what is now THE CORNERSTONE AT CEDAR which was available and affordable. So we immediately scheduled a tour and the previous owner said she was going to be selling it. Jim whispered to me and said "we are going to buy this place". He felt instantly this was the answer we were looking for. We could open a wedding venue very close to our house but not at our house. We could also give Maci and Vincent the wedding venue that they had been searching for and also in the future be able to offer other couples like them the opportunity to have everything in one location with a good price and extraordinary service.

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